Filmmaking Fellowship



Free Voice Media invites Montana film artists to utilize FVM resources in creating and premiering new short documentary films over a two-month period. FVM Fellows also engage with the greater community via local and national screenings.




FVM invites local artists to utilize our resources in producing, creating, and premiering new, experimental, and documentary work over a two-month period in 2020. We especially encourage applications from artists interested in engaging with FVM’s areas of specialty: investigative documentary film, video journalism, and natural history filmmaking. Additionally, we encourage fellows to engage with the greater FVM community during the course of their fellowship.

The program follows the same production methodology as our films under construction, exposing fellows to sample a range of activities including, but not limited to, project research, fundraising, production, distribution and marketing.

Filmmakers are provided with equipment access, technical and creative support, editing bay access, and distribution support. We also provide project funding guidance that utilizes both commercial sponsorship strategy and short term grants.

FVM fellows present their completed work at a free public screening at the end their fellowship cycle. Upon completion, FVM Fellowship projects will be featured on FVM’s website.

Additional Information


Why provide a fellowship program?

    Many people don't have access to quality filmmaking equipment or training. We believe our media nonprofit has a responsibility to not only create impactful media, but to help others create impactful media. That's why Free Voice Media provides equipment to our fellows. Our community benefits when we create films together.

Can I use this service?

If you're a nice and responsible Montanan, then yes! We believe everyone should have access to filmmaking equipment.

What types of short films can I create as a fellow?

As a media nonprofit, we always strive for objectivity. We do not support projects about government entities, political parties, elected officials or candidates actively seeking public office, unless the project follows strict journalism ethics.

2020 Fellowship Dates


January 15 - March 15

March 15 - May 15


June 15 - August 15


August 15 - October 15

October 15 - December 15

Application Deadline

December 1

February 1

May 1

July 1

September 1

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